You have to overcome the fear in you in order to achieve your goal. May be you have been disappointed by so many sites that you invested your money with but didn't get it back with interest. Invest your money with trustedfriends to get your 200% interest in less than 5 days. Just give it a trial, you won't be disappointed!!! We are here to stay!!!

No stories of upgrades and maintenance, Only your peace of mind.


This is a community of trusted friends who are willingly helping each other to earn money by  making donations to themselves.

Contact the admin if you encounter any problem (09032308499)



1. Log on to https://trustedfriends.biz
2. Register!
3.Make a donation of  ₦10,000 to the person that you are merged to pay.
4.You will receive double of the money that you donated from the two people that will be merged to pay you in less than 5 days.
5.You are entitled to
RECYCLE as many times as possible in order to sustain the system. 




Q: If I Donate now, how long will it take me to get my money back?

Ans: It take less than 5 days to get your money back with 200% interest of the amount you donated.

Q: What is my duty as a normal Participant?

Ans: As a participant, you are supposed  to share the Good news and invite more members so that the system can keep paying forever.

Q: if someone didn't pay and click on i have made payment, what will i do?

Ans: contact the admin immediately so that the person will be blocked immediately and you will be remerged in less than 24 hours.